Does it cost anything to register for an account?

Why do I have to register to add images to my shopping cart?
By registering an account, you are able to keep items in your shopping cart for a long period of time. Additionally, you will be able to view your orders and private galleries (if available) by having an account.
I can't seem to log in?
Log in information is case sensitive, be sure you have entered it correctly. If you have forgotten your password, contact us.
Where are my pictures?
Click the Online Viewing Link at the top of this page. A new window will open displaying our photocart page. You will have to create a login account if you do not already have one. Once created, log in and you will see all the different catagories. IGNORE the access box at this time. Once you click on the category, locate the album you wish to view. Most albums are unlocked by default and no access code is needed. If your album IS locked, you will at this point need your access code. You should have recieved your code by now, if not, contact us and we will give it to you. Happy shopping!  
Will the pictures I select stay in my shopping cart?
Yes. Your pictures will stay in your shopping cart until you either place the order or delete them yourself.
I have been sent access information for a gallery, what do I do?
Click the Access Gallery link. Enter in the access code on that page. If correct, you will be able to view the gallery. If you have an account and are logged in, then you will only have to do this once and this gallery will be listed in My Pictures.
How long will it take to receive my pictures?
Once your order is placed, the order is then processed and sent to the lab for printing. Due to the volume of pictures developed, you will generally receive your order within 2-3 weeks with standard shipping. Rush orders arrive in 2-5 business days.